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The Star Trek Encyclopedia – Revised and Expanded Edition: A Reference Guide to the Future

To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary Harper Collins Publishers are releasing The Star Trek Encyclopedia – Revised and Expanded Edition: A Reference Guide to the Future in October. This is latest and most up to date edition of the encyclopedia series, which was first was released in 1994.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia 2016Product description:
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the classic show, a fully authorized revision of the popular reference companion: a two-volume encyclopedia featuring a completely new design, stunning new full-colour photographs and illustrations, and 300 pages of new entries, packaged in a specially designed and shrink-wrapped deluxe slipcase
When it debuted in 1966, the Star Trek series quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring six spin-off series and thirteen films—including Star Trek Beyond, opening July 22, 2016—as well as books, comics, games, toys, and more. One of the largest franchises of all time, Star Trek’s overall box office revenue totals more than $1.93 billion to date.
Since it’s initial publication twenty-five years ago, The Star Trek Encyclopedia has been the go-to source for everything related to the franchise’s canon. Packed with highly detailed information, including brief episode and film synopses, no other book has come close to offering the same wealth of insight into the Star Trek universe. Now, The Star Trek Encyclopedia has been thoroughly revised and redesigned for a new generation of fans. This updated and expanded edition includes 300 more pages, information, photographs and illustrations, and offers exhaustively researched and detailed entries on the characters, ships, and events from the last fifteen years of Star Trek television shows and films, including Star Trek: Voyager seasons 4-7, Star Trek: Enterprise seasons 1-4, and Star Trek Nemesis. It also features material detailing the recent big-screen films Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness.
Packaged in a stunning deluxe slipcase, this two-volume set is a must-have for every Star Trek fan’s library.
Written by Michael and Denise Okuda, this book contains 1056 pages.

Trekyards Live - Jacqueline Kim Enterprise B Interview

Happy 51th  birthday Jacqueline Kim !!
Delay Alferez Sulu
Helmsman of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B

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Calling All Trekkies: A Star Trek Makeup Collection Is Happening

Calling All Trekkies: A <em>Star Trek</em> Makeup Collection Is Happening
Live long and prosper—and put your best face forward while you're at it. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, MAC will launch (pun intended) a 25-piece color collection, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polihses, and lipglosses. We're assuming there will be no shortage of glitter blended into each of the stellar hues.
"Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomena whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries," says MAC Senior Vice President James Gager. "For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek's powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection."
Beauty-obsessed Trekkies may have felt slight pangs of jealousy following CoverGirl's Star Wars range back in the fall, but this year, they'll have a makeup collection they can truly call their own. MAC's Star Trek collection will be available for pre-sale on July 21st only at the MAC Gaslamp location in San Diego, but rest assured you'll be able to get your hands on the collection once it rolls out nationwide starting in September. Lieutenant Uhura would be proud.
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EXCLUSIVE: 'Star Trek Beyond' Has New Weapons, Uniforms… And a Baby!

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Leonard Simon Nimoy
March 26, 1931 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
February 27, 2015 Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA

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New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Poster Teases the Next Chapter

CBS's new ‘Star Trek’ series gets a poster featuring the familiar Starfleet logo before it arrives sometime in 2017.

New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Poster Teases the Next Chapter
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, which will be commemorated in part by the big screen sequel Star Trek Beyond, arriving in theaters July 22. The iconic sci-fi franchise will also return to its roots on the small screen next year with a new Star Trek TV series, created by Bryan Fuller, who started his writing career on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, followed by Star Trek: Voyager. While there is still very little we know about the series thus far, Empire has discovered a new poster, which features the iconic Starfleet logo and teases the "next chapter" in this hit franchise.
The new TV series will debut on CBS in early 2017, but the full series itself will be available exclusively on CBS All Access, the Network's digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service. The new program will be the first original series developed specifically for U.S. audiences for CBS All Access, a cross-platform streaming service that brings viewers thousands of episodes from CBS's current and past seasons on demand, plus the ability to stream their local CBS Television station live for $5.99 per month. CBS All Access already offers every episode of all previous Star Trek television series.
The brand-new Star Trek will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966. The original series only ran for three seasons, but became a cultural phenomenon, spawning a slew of movies and spinoff TV shows such as Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. The franchise was revitalized on the big screen in 2009 with J.J. Abrams' Star Trek and its 2013 follow-up Star Trek Into Darkness.
Bryan Fuller is serving as showrunner and co-writing the pilot script with Alex Kurtzman. The new series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Kurtzman's Secret Hideout. Kurtzman and Heather Kadin will serve as executive producers. Kurtzman is also an executive producer for the hit CBS television series Scorpion and Limitless, along with Kadin and Orci, and for Hawaii Five-0 with Orci.
No cast members have been announced thus far, and we don't have any concrete details regarding the story, but hopefully we'll hear more about this highly-anticipated TV series very soon. It isn't known if this series will be connected to Paramount's movie franchise, since no story details have been given, but we'll h ave to wait and see. What do you think about this new poster?
Star Trek TV Series Poster

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Rod Roddenberry Has “Tremendous Hopes” For New Star Trek Series

Rod Roddenberry was recently named an executive producer of the upcoming Star Trek series on CBS All Access. He is also the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment. Recently, he sat down to discuss a myriad of topics — ranging from the ongoing Axanar lawsuit, his favorite fan series and of course, Star Trek’s return to television in 2017.
“I’ll tell you about the fan films in general.” Roddenberry said, when asked about the ongoing lawsuit between CBS/Paramount and Axanar Productions, by Matt Miller of TrekZone. “I, myself, am a huge supporter of fan film companies that are willing to follow the rules and do it right. CBS has been very gracious to — and I don’t know this from speaking to any of them — but it would seem that they have allowed certain fan groups to do things, as long as they do them correctly.” Roddenberry said.
“Ultimately, I’m a fan of the fans keeping Star Trek alive.” Roddenberry said. “The group that I’m really interested in right now is Star Trek Continues. Their writing, their costumes, their sets, their lightning — everything is spectacular. I’d say a lot of those episodes are as good and in some cases better than some of the original episodes.” he said of the celebrated fan series.

Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry Talks Star Trek On CBS All Access

Discussion shifted to the upcoming Star Trek series.
“I know very little about the direction. I’ve had two meeting with Bryan Fuller and he is still developing the concept and he’s brought the writers together and they’re still developing the concept. What I’m excited about is the team that’s been put together by CBS. They’ve brought, of course, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller and Heather Kadin together and I’ve had the opportunity to meet them.”
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Roddenberry went on to praise those already attached to the series, saying:
“Bryan [Fuller] is, of course, a huge Star trek fan. So right there alone, I have confidence that he will do it justice,”
“Alex Kurtzman has the history with the movies and despite what anyone has to say, I thought the movies were incredibly well done and paid wonderful tribute to the whole Star Trek background.”
“Heather [Kadin], I just met for the first time. She, I believe, works with Alex [Kurtzman] and she’s got a long list of credits. So I believe the entire team is incredibly capable.”
“They understand the importance of Star Trek. They understand it’s the 50th anniversary. They’re not out to re-write history. They’re not out to change anything. They understand they need to do their best to keep people happy but also probably make it a little different.” Roddenberry said of crew.
After acknowledging that he doesn’t know much more about the show at this point, Roddenberry said he has “tremendous hopes” for the new series.
You can watch the entire interview in the video below.

The new Star Trek series is scheduled to launch on CBS All Access in early 2017.

Prelude to Axanar (Official)

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50th Anniversary Art Exhibition Revealed

Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years,” a new art exhibit created to commemorate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, will feature Star Trek-inspired works by 50 artists from 10 countries around the globe, including one by Leonard Nimoy, the franchise’s iconic Spock and a renowned photographer. The exhibit will include original 2D and 3D pieces by the artists, who selected a variety of mediums -- illustrations, photographs, sculptures, paintings, graphics and more -- to express their love of the franchise and the inspiration gained from it.
The global art exhibition will debut at Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego’s historic Gaslight Quarter during Comic-Con, from July 21-24. Among those contributing to the collection are digital artists Joshua Budich, Rocco Malatesta, Tom Whalen, sculptor Calvin Ma, the United States Postal Service, and Leonard Nimoy.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - Joshua Budich
Joshua Budich, whose piece is called “To Boldly Go,” is an independent illustrator working for numerous galleries, among them Gallery 1988, Spoke Art and Hero Complex Gallery, as well as movie studios and media outlets all over the world. Inspired by a love for the pop culture of his youth, Budich’s primary focus is on screenprints that celebrate popular movies, live-action television series, animated shows and more.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - Rocco MalatestaRocco Malatesta, represented in the exhibit by “50 – Live Long and Prosper,” is an Italian freelance illustrator whose work often captures pop-culture imagery from movies and television, and frequently encompasses alternate posters. Malatesta, who currently lives in Germany, decided at age 13 that he’d make his living as a graphic designer and through hard work, talent and perseverance, he’s done precisely that.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - Calvin MaCalvin Ma, whose exhibit contribution is “Home Is Where The Journey Is,” hails from San Francisco and still lives there today. A sculptor who utilizes the action-figure form in his sculptural work in order to explore personal struggles with social anxiety, he has won numerous awards, including 1st Place at the City of Brea Art Gallery’s ACGA National Clay & Glass Exhibition, and has been represented at more than 40 exhibitions and solo shows.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - US Postal ServiceThe United States Postal Service is represented by “Star Trek Commemorative Stamps,” designed by The Heads of State, a/k/a Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers. As co-creative directors, they've created award-winning posters, book covers, branding and illustrations for a diverse and impressive list of clients. They lecture frequently about their work and process and teach graphic design and illustration at Tyler School of Art, where they both studied.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy, who contributed the piece “Hand in Vulcan Gesture,” was an actor, writer, producer, poet, host, patron of the arts and Star Trek’s iconic and beloved Spock. But he was also accomplished lifelong photographer who published several books of his photography and exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide. His three acclaimed books of photography were titled "Secret Selves", "The Fully Body Project" and "Shekhina." “Hand in Vulcan Gesture,” his piece for the exhibit, is a haunting, multi-color depiction of the Vulcan salute that rings particularly poignant given his passing in February 2015.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Exhibition - Tom WhalenTom Whalen, who contributed “U.S.S. Enterprise Spec Sheet,” is an illustrator and designer whose work has been seen on comic book racks, gallery walls, department store shelves and in magazine spreads. He is known for crafting his illustrations with a strong sense of design and has an instantly recognizable graphic style.
Star Trek fans can see the names of all 50 artists contributing to the exhibit, as well as learn more about the artists referenced above at StarTrek50Art.com.
Following the San Diego premiere, “Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years.” will beam to Star Trek Las Vegas in August and the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto from mid-August to early September, before heading to the UK for the Destination Star Trek Europe convention in October and continuing its worldwide tour through August 2017.
Beyond the traveling exhibit itself, the artwork featured in “Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years.” will be represented in a consumer products collection that will be available at retail following its debut in July. Elements will include an eye-catching coffee table book from Titan Publishing and calendars from Rizzoli that are now available for pre-order, as well as trading cards, apparel, accessories, glassware, posters, stationery and prints.
Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Art Book by Titan Publishing Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Calendar by Rizzoli
More than 20 partners are on board and they will offer products set to roll out across the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and other territories around the world.
Keep an eye on StarTrek50Art.com in the coming weeks for ongoing reveals of other pieces in the exhibit.

Celebrate ‘Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary with ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series’ on Blu-ray

2016 is the 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s creation of Star Trek. While that milestone will certainly be met with a lot of rebranded merchandise from rights holders CBS and Paramount Pictures, it’s also cause for celebration among Star Trek fans. Not only will they get to see a new feature film this July in the form of Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond–with a new TV series to follow in early 2017–but if a new report is to be believed, they’ll also be enjoying some old classics in a new format.
As The Digital Bits reports (via TrekNews), Star Trek: The Animated Series will be getting a Blu-ray release in time for the holiday season this year. Though the series was previously released on DVD in 2006 with commentary tracks, text commentary, a “making of” documentary, a storyboard gallery and a history of the series, it’s not clear as of this writing whether or not the Blu-ray will include updated bonus material. Regardless, fans of the 22-episode, two-season series that ran from 1973 to 1974 on NBC will be able to pick up the series on a Blu-ray format later this year. But that’s not all!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan will be undergoing a 4K remastering for Blu-ray release this year as well. Director Nicholas Meyer is involved in the release, which will also include an Extended Cut along with the Theatrical Cut of the film. (There might also be a 4K Ultra HD release of The Wrath of Khan this year, but that’s not quite as clear yet.) Additionally, both Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness will be getting a re-release on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray this summer. Star Trek Beyond is likely to be released in that format later this year, just in time for the holiday season.
Keep your eyes peeled for more updated re-releases, special bonus features, and remastered editions throughout the year as Star Trek and its legions of fans continue to celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary. And be sure to check out our recent Star Trek-related coverage at the links below:

STAR TREK birthdays

William Shatner
Happy 85th birthday


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Is Star Trek's Famous Transporter Really a Death Machine?

Star Trek's transporter is about every fan's dream method of travel. Step onto the platform and you are instantaneously disintegrated while the information from every single atom in your body measured. The energy from being disintegrated is beamed into space and the information gained is used to reassemble you. Need to get to Mars in a hurry? Boom! You're there! Unless you can apparate or use Floo like Harry Potter, there is no better method to travel. But what if the transporter is secretly a death machine?
This is the question that C. P. G. Grey asks in his latest YouTube video, "The Trouble with Transporters." It is a fun watch that is littered with Star Trek Easter Eggs. Whil Grey manages to discuss the metaphysics of consciousness in a fun and engaging way, it is possible that many people may feel lost after watching Grey's video. The good news is that the themes covered in the video is common in science fiction and most viewers are familiar with many of the concepts Grey talks about even if they aren't aware of it.
The transporter changes an object's atoms into energy and transmits it across long distances. At the receiving end, the energy is converted back into matter and the object rematerializes. If the object being transported is destroyed, what (or who) comes out on the other end?

The Ship of Theseus

The Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment that raises the question as to whether an object that has all of its components replaced is still the same object. This was raised in both in the book and movie of John Dies at the End when David Wong (Chase Williamson) asks whether an axe that had its handle and head replaced over time is still the same axe.
This paradox was first discussed by the Greek philosopher Plutarch in his late first century writing, Life of Theseus. Here Plutarch describes a ship, piloted by Theseus and his crew. Over time, the crew replaces the old planks as they decay and replace them with newer pieces of timber. Eventually, all of the ships pieces are replaced. Plutarch asks the question, whether the ship remains the same if it is entirely replaced, piece by piece. To complicate things, philosopher Thomas Hobbes introduces a further puzzle. What if the original pieces were gathered up and used to rebuild a second ship. Which ship, if either, would be the original Ship of Theseus?

If any of this seem familiar, it is because this is a commonly explored theme in science fiction. Doctor Who regenerates to become a new person entirely but is still deemed the same character. In the Doctor Who episode, Deep Breath, the twelfth doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, postulates that a broom that has had its handle and brush replaced several times is not the same broom, when talking to an android who has replaced every part of himself several times. The Doctor wonders if the same applies to him.

The Theseus-like theme was also explored in the Futurama episode, "Six Million Dollar Mon," when Hermes Conrad replaces his body parts one by one with robotic pieces. Dr. Zoidberg keeps the discarded body parts, fashioning them into a marionette of Hermes, which he uses for a stand-up routine. Conrad eventually replaces his brain with a robotic one and Zoidberg puts the old brain into his marionette body, thus bringing Hermes back to life as his old self and leaving his previous body to be taken over by the new brain. Who then is the "real" Hermes Conrad?

The Heisenberg Compensator Death Machine

As Grey points out, while the transporter is deemed the safest form of transport, it is not without problems and is something fans of the show are likely aware. In the Star Trek: TNG episode "Second Chances," William Riker finds out he has been cloned in a transporter accident and that his duplicate has been living on the surface of Nervala IV for the past eight years. This understandably creates problems for both Rikers, each claiming to be the real one and that the other is an imposter.

The cloned Riker scenario raises an interesting problem, as Grey explains. As Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) points out, "He's not Will. He is Will, but... you know what I mean." Both individuals have equal claim to the title of William Riker. Even more disturbing is the implication that every time a person steps into a transporter, his/her life ends and someone new replaces them with the same experiences and memories.

If the transporter simply cloned a person and destroyed the original, it would be one thing, but Star Trek is anything but simple. In the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Tuvix," Lieutenant Tuvok (Tim Russ) and Neelix (Ethan Phillips) are merged into one entitiy, Tuvix (Tom Wright). While this new person shared many of the attributes of the two previous individuals, he was someone new and unique; a distinct personality. When the means to split Tuvix became possible, the decision became all the more difficult as it would mean killing him to restore the lives of Tuvok and Neelix.

Occam's Razor and the Unknowable

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John de Lancie birthday
(born Jonathan de Lancie; March 20, 1948) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, and musician, best known for his role as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. He has been featured in several recurring roles on television series, including Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1, Donald Margolis in Breaking Bad, and as the voice of Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

De Lancie portrayed Q, a recurring character in several of the Star Trek franchise shows. Q is one of the few characters appearing in multiple series of the franchise: in 8 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation including the pilot ("Encounter at Farpoint," "Hide and Q," "Q Who," "Deja Q," "Qpid," "True Q," "Tapestry," "All Good Things..."), in one episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ("Q-Less"), and in 3 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager ("Death Wish," "The Q and the Grey," "Q2").
De Lancie's son Keegan de Lancie appeared with his father as Q's son in one episode of Star Trek: Voyager ("Q2").

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TNG Remastered: 7x09 'Force of Nature' Comparison, SD to HD

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Special Ceremonies
Adam Nimoy to unveil new plaque at Vul-Con!!

Special Ceremony - Saturday July 9, 2016

A new plaque will be installed on the Spock Bust podium and unveiled on Saturday July 9, 2016.

This plaque will be in honor of Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

Ceremony to be held at 9 am Saturday July 9th prior to Vendors Room opening so that all may attend. There is no charge to attend this ceremony. 

Celebrity Guests

Please note that any celebrity guest may have to cancel at last minute due to work commitments. Should a celebrity guest cancel, refunds will be issued only for photo-op and autograph tickets purchased for that guest. Admission to the event will NOT be refunded. 


(VULCAN, Alberta) — Market Street Vulcan in collaboration with Vulcan Tourism is very pleased to announce the appearance of Adam Nimoy (son of the late Leonard Nimoy) at Vul-Con 2016 on July 9th.

Vulcan (The Official Star Trek Capital of Canada) is revealing an honorary plaque for Leonard Nimoy at the Spock Bust in the center of town at 9 am Saturday July 9th. Adam Nimoy will perform the unveiling.

This ceremony is free to attend.

After the ceremony Adam will provide a Q&A session on stage and free autographs inside the convention halls. Admission is required to enter the convention. Tickets available at www.vulcanconvention.com    Seating for Adam’s Q&A is first come first served. Guaranteed seating is provided to VIP Ticket holders only.

Star Trek meets Western Art Week

The Out west Art Show has a variety of art work, but this year there is a piece that's a little different than what you may expect from a cowboy painting. 
Kim Lockman took her passions for western art and Star Trek and combined them for one of her pieces at this years art show. Her piece "Cowboys" looks like your typical western scene, but if you look closely, you will notice that the cowboys are actually Spock, Kirk, and McCoy.
"I decided to mash up Star Trek with my western art thing, since Gene Roddenberry sold Star Trek to the network as 'Wagon Train to the Stars it seemed like a natural mash up." said Lockman
2016 also marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, another reason why Lockman decided to incorporate the characters into her piece. And it has been a huge hit online with Star Trek fans, she sold out of prints not long after she posted the painting to her website and Facebook. 

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CBS Says 'Star Trek' to Help Reap $400M From Online Channel

Boldly going here no programmer has gone before?

Not quite, but CBS says that airing its new "Star Trek" TV show exclusively on its CBS All Access online video service will help the show take off at warp speed next January.
Executives told an investor presentation in New York Tuesday that CBS plans to release three to four original series every year on the $6-a-month service, including a new version of its "crown jewel" franchise.

It expects each series to boost subscriptions to CBS All Access, and aims to have 4 million subscribers in five years, generating revenue of about $400 million a year by 2020. It didn't say how many subscribers it has now.
Chief Operating Officer Joseph Ianniello told investors that Showtime's direct-to-consumer offering is also expected to gain $400 million in revenue by then.
Ianniello said Hulu, the online video service owned by ABC, NBC and Fox, is its closest competitor online, but said CBS All Access has more Top 20 shows than Hulu from all of its partners combined. He noted Hulu gained 10 million subscribers over the last five years.
"We're only projecting 40 percent of that number," he said. "So that doesn't feel like a very long putt."
The company also said it expects to benefit from so-called "skinny bundles" of TV programming. Cable and satellite operators are experimenting with offering fewer channels in cheaper-priced packages and CBS expects to be paid more for its channel in those smaller bundles.
The forecasts were part of a presentation in which the broadcaster explained how it would add $3.75 billion in new annual revenue in the next five years. It posted $13.9 billion in revenue in 2015, up less than a percent from a year earlier.
CBS also said Tuesday it is looking at "strategic options," including the possible sale of its terrestrial radio station business, which owns and operates 117 radio stations in 26 markets in the country.
The move would lower its dependence on volatile advertising revenues, which fluctuate with the economic cycle and make up roughly half of its revenues today.

There’s No Cloning in Quantum Mechanics, So the Star Trek Transporter Really Is a Suicide Box

Yesterday, a report came from a tech company in Asia that they are proposing to do Quantum teleporting on humans. So, we have that camp; today we have the other camp with this article stating to do so means death. Personally, I have my doubts around humans or animals of any sort being able to teleport like Star Trek; great concept. However, to do so means breaking down your make up into particles and hopefully without killing you, the particles transport and reassemble themselves and everything remains healthy and functioning. Wish the test subjects all the best.

Remember last week’s video about the trouble with Star Trek’s transporter (a.k.a. a “suicide box”) by CGP Grey, delving into whether the teleported version of yourself would really be, well, you? Henry Reich of Minute Physics has posted a video response with his own resolution to the logical paradox.

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Celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick with These Pat-Trek Classics 


Top of the mornin’ to all of ye who will be wearing green this March 17th! As you know, we here at Trek Movie like to mark holidays throughout the year with a collection of recommended episode to help you celebrate. And this year St. Patrick’s Day is no different! So curl up with these classics and your favorite green beverage.

5. Fair Haven (VOY)
How could someone named after a city in France program such a great holoprogram set in Ireland? Well this question, and many more, are answered on the Voyager stand-by. Also features one of Captain Janeway’s best lines, a sentiment we’ve all shared at some point when she falls for a character in the program: “Delete the wife.”
This introduced the Irish home away from home in the Delta Quadrant, which would be revisited later in …

4. Spirit Folk
The crew returns to Fair Haven, where the holocharacters start to suspect all may not be as simple as it seems in their bonny wee village. Note that “Spirit Folk” is one of only two Trek episodes where Star Trek All Access showrunner Bryan Fuller has sole writer credit.

Also Harry almost kisses a cow.

3. The Naked Time (TOS)
Do you need some ideas for a good Irish drinking song? Well look no farther than the 1701’s junior officer Kevin Riley, who – under the influence of the Psi 2000 virus – regales his shipmates by endlessly singing “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen.”

2. By Any Other Name (TOS)
OK Scotty is (in case you missed it) Scottish and not Irish and, while those two cultures may seem very similar to outsiders, it would be rude to confuse the two … but this one gets on the list because of the awesome scene where Scotty drinks the alien under the table using green booze.
I mean c’mon. That’s as St. Patrick’s Day as it gets, right?

So this is a Trek Movie first, but we’d like to award a dishonorable mention to this second season episode which showed TNG wasn’t quite there yet, which features a ghastly Irish immigrant stereotypes that somehow survived to 1989.
Reminds me of that Simpsons where they say that Whacking Day was created as a holiday to beat up the Irish “but twas all in fun.”

NOT MENTIONED: If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Now you might think that we’d add this DS9 outing to our list, in that it features Chief O’Brien meeting the wee Rumpelstiltskin, who the trailer blandly (and somewhat inaccurately) describes as “the ultimate enemy.”

Which of course… he isn’t. He’s also not an Irish leprechaun, but rather Rumpelstiltskin is a German dwarf. Alas!

1. The Wounded (TNG)
A dramatically more serious entry than anything else on the list, this fourth season TNG episode is the one that really established Miles O’Brien as a character who could carry an episode – and ultimately inspired DS9. The climax of the episode features O’Brien and his erstwhile captain singing the Irish war ballad “The Minstrel Boy.”

Also earlier in the episode said captain accused O’Brien of getting a silver tongue by kissing the Blarney Stone. And if that tradition has survived to the 24th Century, so too will St. Patrick’s Day!

For The Love of Spock to Premiere At Tribeca

The world premiere of For The Love of Spock will take place at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City next month.
The crowdfunded movie surpassed its original fundraising goal of $600,000 and also a stretch goal of $650,000.
The premiere date for the movie is Saturday, April 16, with screenings taking place throughout the festival.
The Tribeca Film Festival will be held April 13-24.

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Nicholas Meyer Confirms Upcoming 4K UHD Release Plans for STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN

While we've all been clamoring for newly-remastered editions of the classic and Next Generation entries of the Star Trek film franchise in high definition, only one of those first ten films went through a major restoration back in 2009 for the movies' Blu-ray release: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Even though the other nine films had some minor (and sometimes more than minor) color and clarity upgrades, Khan was the only one to be rescanned from the original film negative for that release. As director Nicholas Meyer told TrekMovie.com at the time, it was sorely needed since the available footage was in "terrible shape" and needed the extra attention.
Well, a few weeks ago, Meyer announced on his Facebook page that The Wrath of Khan was back under the microscope, being prepared for a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) release coming soon.
Nicholas Meyer: "I have seen some sort of future and it's pretty impressive. I was at the Technicolor Digital Lab today reviewing color for the forthcoming HDR version of 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,' commemorating the series' 50th anniversary next year.
In terms of richness and clarity what I saw surpasses anything I can recall, though everyone will have to buy a new tv that is HDR compatible. Wouldn't you know. Space turns out to be REALLY BLACK. HDR, incidentally, stands for High Dynamic Range. This stuff is measured in something called NITS (don't ask), and whereas current delivery systems account for one or two hundred plus NITS, HDR is over a thousand.
The wonder of it is, this all can be extracted from the original (cleaned up), film negative. It was always there, but delivery systems couldn't project all that was there. Or words to that effect. Stay tuned."
It's unclear if by "next year" Meyer means in 2016 - the fiftieth anniversary year - or sometime in 2017. This is certainly good news for fans of this preeminent entry in the Star Trek catalog, and Khan will join 2009's Star Trek and 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness as the first classic Trek film to be released in this UHD format - though while the two modern Trek films are only announced for a Samsung digital collection so far, 4K disc availability is likely not that far behind, with media release tracker VideoETA projecting a June debut.
A comparison of picture dimensions, from the standard-definition 480p DVD release up to a 4K UHD presentation:

"The Offspring"... 26 Years Later

 One of Star Trek: The Next Generation's most memorable, heartwrenching and morality-challenging hours, "The Offspring" aired on March 12, 1990—or 26 years ago today. A season-three episode that was written by Rene Echevarria and directed by Jonathan Frakes, it followed Data as he created, bonded with, taught, advocated for, struggled to save and then mourned Lal, his android "daughter."

Some interesting facts and anecdotes about "The Offspring":
  • Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Gene Roddenberry all had a hand in shaping "The Offspring," which Rene Echevarria brought to TNG as a spec script. He later became a valuable member of the Trek writing-producing team. Echevarria went on to work on Deep Space Nine, as well as such shows as Dark Angel, The 4400, Medium, Castle, Terra Nova and Teen Wolf.

  • Hallie Todd, who played Lal, was the stepdaughter of Guy Raymond, who guest starred as the K-7 bartender in the TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles." Todd went on to a long run as Jo McGuire, Lizzie McGuire's mom, in the popular Lizzie McGuire series and film starring Hilary Duff. These days, Todd continues to act, while also producing films, teaching acting classes and attending the occasional Star Trek convention.
  • "The Offspring" was Number One for Number One. That's to say that Jonathan Frakes made his directorial debut with "The Offspring."

  • "The Offspring" features one of Star Trek's most-touching exchanges of dialogue:
 "I feel," Lal says.
 "What do you feel, Lal?" Data asks.
 "I love you, father," she replies.
 "I wish I could feel it with you," Data says, helplessly.
 "I will feel it for both of us...," Lal offers, warmly. "Thank you for my life."

  • Leonard Crofoot played the mannequin version of Lal. The actor-dancer-choreographer also played Trent in the TNG hour "Angel One" and a Qomar spectator in the Voyager episode "Virtuoso." Discussing "Lal" with StarTrek.com in an interview last year, Crofoot said, "Lal was a fantastic part because I got to play an entity that wasn't fully formed. I was the child of Data, so I needed to be a bit like him in my movement and yet also a child that is a separate being with its own life. And I had to do this mostly without dialogue. The story is profoundly tragic; the loss of a child is the worst loss. I have received wonderful mail from Next Generation enthusiasts and it tells me that the story is universal. I'm proud to be a part of it all. "
  • Viewers saw an Andorian, albeit briefly and not looking much like any other, in this episode.
  • "The Offspring" aired the week after one of TNG's finest hours, "Yesterday's Enterprise," and the week before the powerful "Sins of the Father," a remarkable one-two-three punch that set the bar high for all Trek series that followed.
  • Veteran character actor Nicolas Coster played Admiral Anthony Haftel. The Brit, who is now 82, continues to work. He was recently seen on the TV series The Bay and has completed the upcoming film Chemical Cut, due out this summer.
  • And if you need one more reason to remember "The Offspring," it is this: it gave us one particularly indelible image... the Picard double facepalm.

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Seth MacFarlane Makes His Point With Star Trek

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane spoke out on the tone of political debate in America today, and he used Star Trek to do it.

ICYMI: If you love House of Cards and Star Trek then House of Picards might be the new show for you!
No matter your political leaning I think we can all agree that this particular election cycle in the United States has left a lot to be desired.  Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane certainly appears to think so because he tweeted this today:
MacFarlane didn’t say who he was speaking about, though it’s not hard to figure out who his target was; Picard’s “spreading fear in the name of righteousness” is a pretty good hint.
Seth MacFarlane is a well known Star Trek fan and has used the TNG cast on Family Guy.

McFarlane may have gone too far for some with this wonderfully disturbing deleted scene…

All humor aside, McFarlane’s point, and the point of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Episode 21 “The Drumhead”, is that sometimes humanity can get so caught up in its quest to stop what it sees as evil or wrong that it becomes blind to what it’s willing to do to achieve that goal.
Once again he stories of Star Trek serve as a mirror which causes us to reexamine our real life choices. 

Former Star Trek Klingon moves into another universe

 Gwynyth Walsh plays an aging gin-rummy player in the Blue Bridge Theatre's production of The Gin Game.   Photograph By BRUCE STOTESBURY, Times Colonist

What: The Gin Game
Where: Roxy Theatre
When: Previews 8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday. Opening March 17. Continues to March 27.
Tickets: $32 to $42 (250 382 3370)

Chatting pleasantly in the Roxy Theatre’s lobby, Gwynyth Walsh doesn’t look particularly nefarious.
But her most famous role, B’Etor the Klingon, was about as evil as they come. She and her Klingon sister, Lursa, were two mega-baddies who traversed the Star Trek universe, wreaking havoc along the way.
“Yes,” Walsh said with a grin. “That’s exactly how we saw ourselves.”
The Vancouver actor is in Victoria for something completely different.
Walsh stars with Scott Hylands in The Gin Game (1976). The Pulitzer-winning play is about two seniors in an old-age home playing gin-rummy together. It commences playfully. However, the battle gets real when Walsh’s character, Fonsia, literally beats her opponent at his own game.
Trained as an actor at the University of Alberta, Walsh got her start on the stage. But it was the role of B’Etor, which she played for about five years, that garnered the most recognition via TV and the 1994 film Star Trek Generations.
Mind you, even die-hard Trekkies would have a hard time singling Walsh out in a crowd. That’s because as a Klingon (a humanoid alien) she was required to wear a turtle-shell-like half mask and wing-sized eyebrows.
Walsh said she loved playing B’Etor. That is “loved” in the past tense — the role ended when B’Etor and Lursa perished in Star Trek Generations while ill-advisedly attacking the USS Enterprise-D. One thing she doesn’t particularly miss is putting on her Klingon mask and makeup. The combo took 31Ú2 hours to apply and another hour to remove. Some actors would sleep during the lengthy process. Walsh sometimes used the time to memorize lines.
Another thing she doesn’t miss about playing B’Etor was looking absolutely grotesque in her getup.
“I think for women it’s really difficult to be that ugly. It’s really hard,” she said.
Because Star Trek is so popular, any association with the show leads to a level of adulation. B’Etor and Lursa started as minor characters, but because the pair proved popular with fans, their roles were expanded.
Walsh had no real idea of how much people loved B’Etor until she attended her first Star Trek convention as a celebrity guest.
“It was overwhelming. I was in a state of shock most of the time. To have hundreds of people really excited to see you is mind- boggling.
“It really has nothing to do with me,” Walsh added. “They’re projecting all their hopes and dreams and love of Star Trek onto you.”
Another perk of the job was hanging out with movie star Malcolm McDowell, who played B’Etor’s villainous sidekick Tolian Soran.
There’s a photo of McDowell with his arm around Walsh (in full Klingon regalia) while she’s knitting. Walsh was making a blanket for friends who had just had a baby.
“It was a very non-Klingon activity,” she said with a smile.
“Malcolm’s always got a little bit of a twinkle in his eye. He’ll be teasing you up to the last minute. And then he drops right into character.”
The Gin Game doesn’t require elaborate makeup or masks. But it has its own unusual challenge. Both characters must deliver lines while playing cards. Such stage business isn’t as simple as it sounds, Walsh said.
“You sit down and start playing cards and it all goes out the window. It’s really hard. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time.”


Star Trek transporter
Star Trek fans rejoice! Researchers in Germany claim to have discovered a way to transport information from one place to another using "teleportation".
Dr Alexander Szameit and Dr Marco Ornigotti from the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Jena in Germany are both self-confessed Trekkies.
"Many of the ideas from Star Trek that back then appeared to be revolutionary have become reality," said Szameit.
"Doors that open automatically, video telephony or flip phones – all things we have first seen on the starship USS Enterprise."

Dr Alexander Szameit and Dr Marco Ornigotti from University of Jena with models of the USS Enterprise

Armed with their love of Star Trek and their knowledge of quantum mechanics, the researchers have devised a way to transmit information from one location to another instantly, using a special form of laser beam.

Dr Szameit said that, while it may not be possible to teleport actual solid particles, it is possible to their teleport their properties.

Elementary particles such as electrons and light particles exist in a "spatially delocalised state," which means it is possible for them to be in different places at the same time.
"Within such a system spread across multiple locations, it is possible to transmit information from one location to another without any loss of time," Szameit said.
This process is called quantum teleportation, and has been known about for several years. However, this is the first time it has been demonstrated outside the world of quantum particles.

Captain Kirk
Spock and Captain Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise

The researchers said they performed teleportation by encoding some information in a particular polarisation direction and transmitting it to the shape of a laser beam.

"Just like it did at the starship USS Enterprise, the information is transmitted fully and instantly, without any loss of time," said Szameit.
"This makes this kind of information transmission a highly interesting option in telecommunication for instance."

Jeri Ryan lists Encino estate she created in classic French-country style

Vive la France! Jeri Ryan of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame has put her Encino house, which displays her love for the country, up for sale at $6.999 million.
The ardent Francophile had materials, antiquities and architectural elements imported from France to create the classic French-country estate. A 1755 stone fireplace, 18th-century columns and reclaimed tile and cobblestones were among the materials used to realize her vision for the 1.44-acre estate.
The black walnut kitchen features a 100-year-old reclaimed terra cotta floor. The French design-inspired pool house has a century-old reclaimed tile roof.
The great room is distinguished by a custom stone wall and a beamed ceiling. Versailles-pattern French limestone floors, Venetian plaster bedroom walls and wide-plank pine floors are among other details.
Ryan, a serious chef, outfitted the kitchen with the latest amenities. She also set up a fully equipped gym and a movie theater with seating for 20. For fun, she installed a pop-up snow cone machine.
There are six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and four bonus structures on the property, including a guest house.
The actress bought the property in 2000, according to public records, and recreated it over the course of several years, spending $1 million just on the grounds. All the trees, including the mature olives and California live oaks, were brought in by crane.
A French kitchen garden is planted with fruit and nut trees, including fig, loquat, pecan, peach, pomegranate and orange.
Ryan, 48, gained fame on “Star Trek: Voyager” for her role as Borg Seven of Nine. She is in the current series “Bosch.” Her earlier television work includes “Boston Legal” (2001-04), “Leverage” (2009-11) and “Body of Proof” (2011-13).
Aaron Kirman and Alan Taylor of John Aaroe Group are the listing agents.

‘Star Trek’ TV Series Can’t Air until Six Months after ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Opens

We’ve known since November of last year that CBS’ planned Star Trek TV series, shepherded by Bryan Fuller, wouldn’t be debuting until sometime in January 2017. Now we know why. It seems that when CBS and Paramount parted ways a decade ago, the network kept the TV rights to Star Trek while the studio kept the movie rights. The deal made sense and was a surprisingly fair arrangement. But in our modern world where TV shows and movies are crossing over more than ever to create a shared universe, the two disparate companies wanted to make sure that audiences know their respective properties are boldly going in different directions.
As IGN reports (via Trek Core), CBS Corporation president Les Moonves talked about the details behind the Star Trek rights-sharing during a teleconference for the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telecom Conference. Despite being produced by Alex Kurtzman, co-writer of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, the new TV series is not connected in any way to Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond. The good news is that audiences will be able to keep their TV and movie versions of the massively influential science fiction series separate; the bad news is that apparently six months of breathing room is now contractually required to occur between them.

Image via Paramount
Here’s how Moonves described the deal:
“When [CBS] split from Viacom ten years ago, January 1, 2006, one of the big sticking points, as you can imagine, was “Star Trek.” You know, we both wanted it. [Paramount] said “It’s a movie!” and I said, “No, no, no, it’s a TV show.” Actually, we’re both right. So they kept the feature film rights, we kept the television rights; they have [Star Trek Beyond] coming out July 22. Our deal with them is that we had to wait six months after their film is launched so there wouldn’t be a confusion in the marketplace.”
Confusion in the marketplace sounds a little silly since I’m pretty sure that audiences can tell the difference between movies and television, but since major studios are blending those mediums more and more, it’s actually an understandable concern. I’d imagine that once the casting for the new series is announced, that’ll go a long way towards separating the different versions. Look for the new Star Trek series next January, which will be the first original series developed specifically for U.S. audiences for CBS’s streaming service, CBS All Access. The service “brings viewers thousands of episodes from CBS’s current and past seasons on demand, plus the ability to stream their local CBS Television station live for $5.99 per month [and] already offers every episode of all previous Star Trek television series.”

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10 Best ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episodes

I’ve been slowly working my way through all of the Star Trek series. With the announcement of the new series starting in 2017, I was inspired to pick up my pace and finish all existing shows before then. I finished Voyager not long ago and have a lot of thoughts on the series as whole.
I’ll boil it down to basics: I would not call Voyager the strongest of the Trek series, but I had a lot of fun with it. Some episodes are real duds, and some are great. Some of the main cast lack depth (looking at you, Chakotay and Harry), but some of the characters and their development are excellent. (Janeway, B’Elanna, The Doctor, Seven of Nine)
I could go into more depth, but thought instead I would list my top ten favorite episodes. These aren’t the ones that I thought were necessarily the best episodes, although some of the best are definitely on the list, but the ones that I enjoyed the most.
I’ll start with my honorable mentions list. These are episodes that I loved, but not all of them can be in the top ten. Two-parters are listed as single episodes for expediency’s sake.
Honorable Mentions, in no particular order: “Jetrel,” “Tuvix,” “Flashback,” “Latent Image,” “Blink of an Eye,” “Unimatrix Zero,” “Body and Soul.”
Here are my top 10 Voyager episodes, ranked in order from 10 to 1:


Star Trek: Voyager "Bride of Chaotica"

10. Bride of Chaotica

This episode is so much fun. It’s wacky, zany and a bit crazy, but that’s why I love it. Captain Janeway as Arachnia is hilarious. I know the plot could be more solid, but I find myself not caring and just enjoying it.
Star Trek: Voyager "Lineage"

9. Lineage

This is the episode where B’Elanna discovers that she is pregnant and that her daughter will share many of her Klingon traits. We learn a lot about B’Elanna, her past, and her fears for the future. We’re shown a much softer, more intimate side of a character that is usually strong, independent and brusque. There are layers to her character, and I love how this episode shows them.
Star Trek: Voyager "11:59"

8. 11:59

Captain Janeway reminisces about one of her ancestors, Shannon O’Donnell, whose story inspired her to join Starfleet. She learns that her forebear was not necessarily as important or influential as she had thought. This is a good tale of how our perceptions of someone from the past can be warped by time, but that they can still be meaningful to us, even if they weren’t to society as a whole.
Star Trek: Voyager "Mortal Coil"

7. Mortal Coil

Neelix is dead for 18 hours and is then revived by Borg nanoprobes. When he wakes up he realizes that he didn’t go to the Great Forest, the Talaxian heaven/afterlife. He questions his own religious beliefs, mortality, and life after death. He becomes convinced that he was supposed to die and tries to beam himself into a nebula. It takes Samantha Wildman telling him that Naomi needs him to stop him. I love when Star Trek tackles the big issues, and this is one of the biggest. This particular episode leaves it fairly open-ended, too, letting the viewers draw their own conclusion.
Star Trek: Voyager "Endgame"

6. Endgame

What’s better than one Janeway? Two Janeways! I have to admit, I just love Kate Mulgrew playing two versions of Janeway and arguing with herself. That aside, we finally see our intrepid (ha, get it?) crew reach the Alpha Quadrant and home. The plot gets a little convoluted at times, and double-crossing abounds, but it’s all worth it for the look on their faces as they realize they’ve made it. I was shamelessly cheering at the end shot showing them approaching Earth. I would have liked to see them actually ON Earth, but it was still a good send-off.
Star Trek: Voyager "Caretaker"

5. Caretaker

“Caretaker” and “Endgame” are probably interchangeable in their ranks on this list. Voyager had a strong end and a strong beginning. “Caretaker” is my favorite Star Trek pilot. (I’ve actually watched “Broken Bow” at this point, too, so I can say that.) We get introduced to all of our main characters, our ship, and get whisked away on our mission. If the entire first couple seasons had stayed this strong Voyager would be my favorite series.
Star Trek: Voyager "Distant Origin"

4. Distant Origin

It may seem odd that this one is so close to the top. I was struggling to get through season 3, and this episode was a breath of fresh air. We get new aliens, alien politics, and an allusion to our own world. An alien scientist is trying to prove that his race came from a distant planet, which goes against his people’s beliefs. Sort of like Galileo trying to convince the scholars of his day that the earth is round. It’s more of Trek tackling big issues, and giving us fun new aliens along the way. (Do the Voth remind anyone else of the Silurians from Doctor Who?)
Star Trek: Voyager "Equinox"

3. Equinox

Voyager encounters another Starfleet vessel stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the Equinox. The Equinox and her crew have chosen to handle their situation far differently than Janeway does. Captain Ransom tries to get his crew home by any means necessary, no matter the moral implications. I like this episode because we see Janeway interact with a peer and how far apart their morals are. Captain Ransom will torture alien species to generate power, but Janeway’s line is nowhere near there. I do dislike how crazy-bananas Janeway goes to get Ransom, endangering her own ship in the process. Her temporary insanity is forgotten in the next episode, and apparently Chakotay has completely forgotten about it by then, too. It’s a tense two-parter that leaves you wondering what will happen.
Star Trek: Voyager "Living Witness"

2. Living Witness

My reasons for loving this episode so much are personal. I studied history and politics, and this episode looks very closely at both and how they can be related. The Doctor (actually a backup Doctor) finds himself in an alien museum. The people on this planet believe Voyager is responsible for war crimes and the tension between the two races that live there. We watch the curator come to conclusions based on the evidence he has that are completely logical to extrapolate. The Doctor, of course, knows that they are 100% wrong.
It’s an interesting look at how people can draw such drastically different conclusions from historical evidence. It shows how it’s impossible to know what truly happened so far in the past, and that the truth can be colored by personal views and experiences. We see in this episode, too, how history can be leveraged in the present to cause social strife and change.
Star Trek: Voyager "Year of Hell"

1. Year of Hell

This one almost doesn’t need an explanation. I think these are Voyager’s best episodes. We get to see alternate timelines, the ship falling apart, and our characters pushed past their limits. There are a lot of good moments between the different characters and we get to see them grow and take on more responsibility. (That does unfortunately mostly vanish at the end of the episode with their timelines.) Janeway sacrifices herself and Voyager to secure a present and future in which her crew is safe and they still have a chance to get home.
Those are what I consider the best and my favorite episodes of Voyager. I do have some lingering questions, such as: What happened to the Borg baby? What about Janeway’s and Paris’s lizard babies? How about the son The Doctor mentions in “Blink of an Eye?” I could go for more epilogue on some of those, but I’m not letting them ruin my enjoyment of the series.
So, what do you think? Did I miss any really good episodes? Are any of my favorites terrible? I trust you to tell me in the comments!