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Seth MacFarlane Makes His Point With Star Trek

Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane spoke out on the tone of political debate in America today, and he used Star Trek to do it.

ICYMI: If you love House of Cards and Star Trek then House of Picards might be the new show for you!
No matter your political leaning I think we can all agree that this particular election cycle in the United States has left a lot to be desired.  Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane certainly appears to think so because he tweeted this today:
MacFarlane didn’t say who he was speaking about, though it’s not hard to figure out who his target was; Picard’s “spreading fear in the name of righteousness” is a pretty good hint.
Seth MacFarlane is a well known Star Trek fan and has used the TNG cast on Family Guy.

McFarlane may have gone too far for some with this wonderfully disturbing deleted scene…

All humor aside, McFarlane’s point, and the point of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Episode 21 “The Drumhead”, is that sometimes humanity can get so caught up in its quest to stop what it sees as evil or wrong that it becomes blind to what it’s willing to do to achieve that goal.
Once again he stories of Star Trek serve as a mirror which causes us to reexamine our real life choices. 

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