jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

Highly anticipated Star Trek exhibition beams into Ottawa

The highly anticipated Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience opens Friday at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and a warning - resisting it will be futile.
Walk into this exhibition and you become a cadet, enrolled and training in Starfleet.
From learning a little Klingon, to beaming up, learning to set your phaser to stun, using a Tricorder and landing a shuttle on a Class M planet, there are a number of interactive displays.
"The concept - the people are visiting Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Academy is sort of like the university, when you're in the Star Trek series," said Erin Poulton, the exhibition interpretation officer. "So we ask people to suspend their disbelief and to join us in visiting the Academy and by completing a variety of hands on activities, people will get to get a good sense of which career stream if they were in Starfleet would suit them best."
There is of course some memorabilia on hand.
"A variety of objects are on display that were used in the filming of the actual series and the way they're presented though is as if they were the object," she said. "So it's really interesting to walk up to a display case and see a communication device that's listed as being circa 2630."
From the casual fan to the hard core trekker, Star Trek: the Starfleet Academy has a little something for everyone.
"The emphasis with this experience is really on interactivity, so we do have those objects there for the hard core Star Trek fans who really want to see that, but we really aim to have a balance between the objects and experiences that will engage Star Trek fans and also engage families or people who might just have a developing interest in Star Trek," said Poulton.
This is the world premier of this exhibition and Alex Benay, the president and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation said it's an honour to play host.
"Never mind the museum, I think just for Ottawa period (it's a big deal.) This is an international partnership with CBS, with EMS from Austria," said Benay. "Production and development was done in Malaysia. This is new to us, personally at the museum. So, for us it's a huge deal. We beat out the Intrepid Museum in New York for the launch."
Benay said this exhibition has the power to attract even more visitors that Star Wars Identities did in 2013.
The exhibition opens Friday and runs through September 5th.

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