domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

Star Trek: Enterprise With An Instrumental Opening

ICYMI: Q’Plah! BBC News conducts its first interview in Star Trek’s Klingon language.
The only thing Star Trek fans traditionally hate on more than “Faith of the Heart,” the extra saccharin Russell Watson ballad used as the intro music by Star Trek: Enterprise, is Wesley Crusher. I may have admitted to not hating Wesley, but I stand with the majority of Star Trek fans on hating the Star Trek: Enterprise opening.
It’s not just that “Faith of the Heart” is so sweet that it would kill a diabetic, it’s that the opening of Star Trek shows should be instrumental. The sweeping instrumental Star Trek openings set the feel of what Star Trek is all about.
One fan Star Trek fan has finally decided to correct this tragic mistake and redone the opening of Star Trek: Enterprise with a proper instrumental theme.  Not just any instrumental theme either, but “Archer’s Theme,” an actual piece of instrumental music used by the series.
This doesn’t solve the goofy images of sailboats and fake space shuttles, but the improvement is still significant.

For comparisons sake here is the “Faith of the Heart” version.

And just for fun here’s all the Star Trek intros.

Let’s hope Bryan Fuller doesn’t make the same intro music mistake with the new CBS Star Trek series.

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