domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

Anovos Debuts Star Trek Beyond Type-1B Phaser

Quality costume maker Anovos has debuted their first Star Trek Beyond prop, the Type-1B phaser.

The phaser kit, which requires assembly and painting, is scheduled to ship in November 2016. The phaser will be available in two models: a basic kit and one with a servo-powered spinner allowing the user to flip between stun and kill settings. Both are currently available for pre-order, with the basic version set for $300 and the servo-powered version $400.
Anovos’ Star Trek products page also list a Star Trek Beyond uniform tunic, dress, and jacket as coming soon. It is currently not know whether the jacket will be the one Kirk sports in the trailers, or the U.S.S. Franklin jacket that Spock wears.
The phaser kit gives us our first close-up look at the Type-1B in addition to what we have seen in the trailers for Beyond. The Type-1B maintains the same overall shape as the phaser that debuted in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, but ditches some of the prop’s chrome accents in favor of gun metal, black, and aluminum along with a gold toggle between settings. The barrel of the weapon is also rectangular, as opposed to the previous version’s circular design. The Type-1B also includes an additional nod to The Original Series’ Type II with two dials, presumably used for power settings, located near the rear of the weapon.

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