domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

Video Review - 1: 537 USS Enterprise Cutaway model from Round 2

With the three-day holiday weekend now behind us (at least in the US), perhaps a new kind of labor is in order – one that involves plastic, hobby knives, styrene cement, and some spray paint. Marking 49 years of Star Trek, TrekMovie takes a look at the latest release from Round 2 Models, a take on the beauty that started it all, the 1:537 U.S.S. Enterprise Cutaway in this video preview of the kit

AMT891-06-Enterprise-Cutaway-small (2)
 The model is now available from online retailers, and if it hasn’t arrived in your local hobby shop yet, it should soon. Priced in at about $33.00 (varies by retailer), this kit is a bit larger than the classic 18″ Enterprise model that is so ubiquitous, but still manageably smaller than the 1:350 classic ship, which many modelers don’t realistically have room to display. As such, it’s a good mid-sized display of the classic Enterprise, though it will take some effort beyond the basic to build her in the non-cutaway mode.

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