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C is for Calamarain but who are they? In 2366 the Omnipotent Q entity (John De Lancie) is on the run from spaceborne energy clouds in Star Trek TNG - DEJA Q.

 For once, its payback time! Mostly everyone knows Q who enjoys teasing lifeforms for pleasure while roaming the galaxy. Only now Q's turned scaredy cat. Why? His family have booted him out of the Q Continuum, stripping him of his powers and the Calamarain are looking him up, haha. Its a humbling experience being a mere mortal with an IQ of 2005! So where does Q seek refuge? Captain Picard starship of course! The fun begins when no-one aboard the Enterprise believes Q's story.

 Picard nearly flips out big style,
What'd you want Q?
It seems hopless until Worf speaks ups and Guinann acts.

What must I do? whines Q,
 DIE! replies Worf (and for extra measure 10 Forward's bartender stabs his Omnipotence with a fork!)

This black comedy is so hilarious. Meanwhile Q's swirling cloud of ionized lifeforms are closing in for the kill. Sweet revenge is all the poor Calamarain wants, now they've discovered Q's hiding place! Its game over!

 How would you react if Q tormented you? Fortunately Data intervenes and gets a little goodbye gift for his trouble. Did Q really deserve to be saved? What would you have done in Picards shoes?


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