viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

StarTrek50—Strange sightings reported in Canada.

Planet Earth | Quebec, Canada | Spring, 2016
Could @LineRainville be Canada’s biggest Star Trek™ fan? You never know what one might uncover in her ship…
Canadian Star Trek fans will see Trek-themed stamps at some point this year in honor of Star Trek‘s Fiftieth Anniversary.
Two stamps were spotted in a promotional video recently; a Captain James T. Kirk, stamp and a USS Enterprise stamp.
Canada Post has the video on its site featuring a Canadian Trek fan who seems to have received some mail with the new stamps on it.

According to Star, more Trek-themed stamps are on the way from Canada Post.

Capitaine James T. KirkU.S.S. Enterprise
Capitain James T. Kirk
U.S.S. Enterprise

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