viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

Michael Giacchino’s STAR TREK BEYOND Score Isn’t Finished Just Yet, Despite Amazon’s Preorder

After completing his well-received musical contributions to 2009's Star Trek and 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness, composer Michael Giacchino confirmed back in July that he's on board for Justin Lin's STAR TREK BEYOND outing this summer, though by October Giacchino hadn't started his part of the project since primary filming hadn't yet wrapped.
Earlier this month we announced that the BEYOND original soundtrack was available for preorder from Amazon -- and after we tweeted out a reminder to our Twitter followers last night, it seems that we gave songsmith a bit of a jolt:

Don't worry, Mike -- you've still got some time left to lock down your music!
As for the rest of you, you can lock in your motivational preorders at our link below.

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