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50th Anniversary STAR TREK Film Collections Coming February 9 With New Packaging… But Not Much Else

Ever since the first Blu-ray releases of the Original Series and Next Generation movies in 2009, fans have been clamoring for new editions of the tired, overly-processed film masters, which leave the cast looking like wax figures, colors out of balance, and popular features like deleted scenes and other content missing in action.
Well, it doesn't look like our wishes have been answered quite yet, as Paramount has quietly scheduled two new Star Trek film collection releases for February 9, clad in new 50th Anniversary packaging -- but with no word of any kind of new content, new presentation, or new anything, really.
50-moviesClick for larger views of the new cover art.
In fact, these two releases seem to actually contain less content than the earlier releases (or the 2013 Stardate Collection), as the two bonus discs from those sets -- containing The Captain's Summit and the Star Trek: Evolutions content -- don't appear to be included this time around.
For fans who don't yet have the Trek films at home, this may be a decent purchase; while the picture quality leaves something to be desired, there is still plenty of great content, lots of commentary from cast and crew, and plenty of interview features carried over from the earlier DVD releases.
For the rest of us, however, it's a disappointing reminder that the Paramount's focus on STAR TREK BEYOND has left the original run of Trek films has been out in the cold. Here's hoping this won't be the last release of these films on home media.

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