lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Massive STAR TREK BEYOND Outdoor Set Under Construction in Vancouver for Greenscreen Shoot

Just because the starship Enterprise is up and running on set, that doesn't mean that work on STAR TREK BEYOND is confined to a soundstage: a massive outdoor build is underway for the movie in Vancouver's Kent Hanger Field, on the banks of the Frasier River's north arm.
Thanks to contributor Bob Glassford, we can share some exclusive shots of the Kent Hangar Field location, where gigantic mobile greenscreen units are being deployed in anticipation of filming.
Chris van Cauwenbergh snapped this shot of an expansive, wooden structure being built at the site, beyond (no pun intended) the greenscreen holding area -- you can see it in the background of the fifth photo above.
We're certainly curious to know what this enormous construct will eventually become.
Kent Hangar Field, west of Vancouver International Airport, has been used several times for large-scale film construction. Before STAR TREK BEYOND began work at the site, the location was used for outdoor filming on big-budget films such as Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Rise of the Planet of the ApesElysiumGodzilla, and Disney's Tomorrowland.

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