viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Two New ThinkGeek Trek-themed Items

Two new items from ThinkGeek will be of interest to fans of the Klingons and those wishing to keep warm.
The new items include a jacket and a blanket.
First up is the Sons of Stovokor Denim Jacket. The biker-style jacket features the Klingon Empire emblem embroidered on the chest, with a back patch in Klingon that reads “Onward to Sto-vo-kor” and “it is a good day to die.”
The one hundred percent cotton black denim jacket comes in sizes from small through 3X, and will cost $59.99. To order the Sons of Stovokor Denim Jacket, head to the link located here.
Next up is the Star Trek Uniform Blanket. The polyester gold fleece blanket measures 45″x60″ and features black edge binding, rank braid and command insignia.
The Star Trek Uniform Blanket will cost $24.99 and can be ordered here
Source: ThinkGeek

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