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TREK 3 News Roundup: Cast Heads to Vancouver; Extras Casting Call; Possible Set Sighting and More

We're rapidly approaching the start of production on the next Star Trek film, and the cast is making their way to Vancouver ahead of the June 25 shooting date -- and the locals have noticed.
Zachary Quinto is also getting into the spirit of things, as he starts to get back into a familiar bowl cut.
Casting calls have gone out for extras in the Vancouver area, to work as background performers on "Washington," the code-name for this project, and the projected filming window of June 25 - October 1 has been repeated here. If any readers get chosen, be sure to let us know!
A photo purported to be of Enterprise corridors under construction in a Vancouver soundstage, appeared on TrekBBS last month by user Dennis Bailey.

While the image's EXIF data does not include location information, these certainly appear to be new builds as the previous Enterprise set used in Star Trek Into Darkness were designed as one large, interconnected construction rather than the separate corridor pieces seen below.
Lastly, Michael Chang Gummelt's fan site Star Trek Beyond (and accompanying Trek series proposal) has been retitled Star Trek Uncharted in the wake of the new film's expected title.
The website's URL has also been changed from StarTrekBeyond.com, which we expect to redirect to Paramount Picture's StarTrekMovie.com site sometime in the near future as Star Trek 3 approaches.

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