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First look: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ images show an alien with Chris Pine, Simon Pegg in new costumes

In the first ever look at Star Trek Beyond, we see a new alien with Chris Pine and Simon Pegg behind-the-scenes of the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness sequel.
Director Justin Lin has released an exclusive, first look at Star Trek Beyond, where we see an alien working alongside actor Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin. Watch the video via ScreenCrush below:
Update: The video has been temporarily removed at the request of the studio. Be sure to check back as we’ll update this post when the video is available again.
For now, watch a GIF from the video with Simon Pegg entertaining Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella. We’ve also included some images from the Star Trek Beyond behind-the-scenes video, which show a few shots from the film via ScreenCrush. Looks like Chris is getting a little pat on the back from Sofia.

star trek beyond bts 1
star trek beyond bts 2
star trek beyond bts 2a
star trek beyond bts 3
star trek beyond bts 4
star trek beyond bts 5
star trek beyond bts 6
star trek beyond bts 8
star trek beyond bts 9
star trek beyond bts 9a
star trek beyond bts 9b
star trek beyond bts 9c
Original article: While the video is short, it’s exciting to see the cast and crew working on Star Trek Beyond, which got its title back in June. Simon Pegg has promised that the film will take the crew of the Starship Enterprise much farther than we’ve seen in the previous two films.
In the video (and images) we see some new uniforms on the trio which look very combat ready, as well as our first look at Sofia Boutella’s character. Boutella is currently playing an unnamed character, but has been described as having a “leading role” in Star Trek Beyond.
While we’re unsure who she’ll be playing specifically, she doesn’t seem to have any characteristics that would lead us to believe she’s an alien race we’ve seen in the two previous films. Although, Pegg has said there will be loads of new aliens in this film, which should be interesting considering he ended up writing the third film’s script.
The video doesn’t give us much else to go on, but it feels good to have at least video evidence that filming is underway with Chris Pine and Simon Pegg on set. We hope more footage will come out, now that J.J. Abrams doesn’t have the film locked in his secret box.
Star Trek Beyond’s new director, Justin Lin, has been more open about discussing his previous projects, and we hope to see loads of promotion for the third Star Trek film which will see the main cast return, along with some great newcomers.
Paramount has set Star Trek Beyond’s release date for July 8, 2016.

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