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New Documentary Short “Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission” Focuses on Fan Series Star Trek Continues

“Star Trek – it’s iconic, but many misunderstand its meaning,” quoth the creators of a documentary short released today entitled Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission. What does Star Trek and the vision of creator Gene Roddenberry mean to fans that watch the series’ (old and new) in the modern era? That’s the question fueling the 10 minute film, which follows the cast and crew of the fan series Star Trek Continues. Hit the jump to watch the film.

Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission
A new documentary short film Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission centered around fan series Star Trek Continues debuted today on Vimeo. Writer/Producer Erik Lee hopes that the new short film will help spread the vision of Gene Roddenberry by teaching people a little bit about what Trek means to fans and superfans today. Lee told TrekMovie:
 My team has produced this documentary short film about what Star Trek is about and the humans who create it. I truly believe the film has a chance of doing some good, even in a very small way, by spreading Gene Roddenberry’s vision in a simple and sharable way.
 Our Star Trek was shot on the set of Star Trek Continues during production of their latest episode “The White Iris”, which is set to debut this Friday at Phoenix Comicon (6:00PM Arizona time). TrekMovie’s own Kayla Iacovino (yours truly) was also on set for booth shoots. Eagle-eyed viewers can catch her in both films!

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