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Will 50th Anniversary Return Shatner To Trek?

Simon Pegg won't rule it out, especially if it works storywise

It seems like Simon Pegg has moved from a member of Star Trek's ensemble film cast, to its unofficial spokesman.
Pegg, who plays Scotty in the film series — and is now earning credit as a co-writer for "Star Trek 3's" script, has been making the media rounds for his new romantic comedy, "Man Up." But, of course, reporters can't help but ask about what Pegg in the past has called "Star Trek: Beyond" — and whether we might see a face from the past in the film franchise now that Leonard Nimoy has passed away.
If that were to happen, it would be hard to go bigger than William Shatner — the original Capt. Kirk, who has pushed to be included in the new film franchise since Paramount announced its relaunch.
But is it possible?
"William Shatner is an amazing actor, (and) has such an incredible body of work, which transcends just his time as Capt. Kirk," Pegg recently told Digital Spy. "It's always about whether the story is right. There's no point crowbarring these things in as a gimmick because that does the story and the film a disservice."
Writers and fans have argued Nimoy's inclusion in the past films was necessary, as it helped bridge the two franchises (and establish the new timeline). He popped up in the sequel "Star Trek: Into Darkness," because you have to admit, it would make sense that if history is repeating itself in one way, it doesn't hurt to consult with someone who's already been through it.
But what would Shatner be able to offer "Star Trek 3"? Pegg already has shared his story idea with writer Doug Jung would get away from traditional Star Trek-style adventures. And there would need to be a compelling story reason to bring the 84-year-old actor on board.
If such a story idea was found, Pegg has no doubt Shatner would avail himself — despite his very busy schedule for an octogenarian.
"I have no doubt in my mind that he could play Capt. Kirk until the day he decided to go off into the final frontier," Pegg said.
"Star Trek 3" is set for a July 8, 2016 premiere, with filming expected to start this summer in Canada.
Source: International Business Times

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