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Boeing Patents Star Trek-Inspired Force Field

If developed, the defense contractor would use electromagnetic arcs to absorb blast shockwaves

Force fields made popular in science-fiction tales like Star Trek and Star Wars could be closer to reality than many realized.
The Boeing Co., known for its aerospace technology for both military and NASA — as well as commercial uses — has filed a patent for a force field, which it says could protect military vehicles and possibly even buildings from explosions and shockwaves.
The key to the technology, according to its filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, would be through what it calls an electromagnetic arc generator. When a sensor detects a shockwave-producing explosion, the generator will then use electromagnetic energy to deflect the impact of the explosion.
The arc reduces the energy density of the explosion by creating what Boeing describes as a second medium — another shockwave heading in the other direction that "deflects, absorbs, refracts and reflects" some of the shockwave.
Although it would help protect people from shockwaves, it would not serve as a way to shield anyone from a direct hit, similar to what shields in Star Trek would do. The Boeing system would also utilize porous material to help absorb the energy, distorting it before it reaches a target.
It's unclear how far into development Boeing is with its force field, but filing the patent at least shows the $99 billion company has some working theories on how to make it effective.
Source: Market Business News

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