viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

BREAKING: “Trek” on Track for TV Return?

DEVELOPING: Latino Review is reporting today that CBS is moving towards a return to Star Trek television presence:
The last we heard of a "Star Trek" TV series, was around 2006 before the Abrams movie planted its flag and destroyed most of what we knew (except Spock and - presumably the plot of Star Trek: Enterprise) there were two competing versions: Bryce Zabel (writer, Dark Skies) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, but I like crediting him as the good writer on The Real Ghostbusters) pitched a version called “Star Trek: Reboot the Universe” that actually made it online in PDF form.
The second was developed closer to the JJ reboot and was written by producer Geoffrey Thorne, novelist and writer on things like Leverage and Criminal Intent and was called "Star Trek: Federation" and was conceptualized with producer Robert Burnett, Bryan Singer (the X-Men director and producer of TV’s House among others) and Christopher McQuarrie (director of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation). This other series wouldn’t reboot the Star Trek universe, but would vault it forward past the DS9 and Voyager series timelines into a far flung future where the Utopia Federation that we knew from other TV series had become boring and complacent.
"Federation" would have seen the titular group reduced to a mere peacekeeping force as the old ways broke apart. Vulcans withdraw from the United Federation of Planets and reunify with the Romulans, the Bajorans of "Deep Space Nine" would have also withdrawn and become a planet full of religious monks, like a “Tibet in space.” The Klingons wouldn’t be as warrior-obsessed anymore, but would instead be warrior mystics. The Ferengi would have a female Nagus. The Cardassians would have abandoned war and become an artist/philosopher race.
In essence, "Federation" would have advanced the timeline of the "Star Trek" universe far enough in the future to re-define some of the characters that had been the same since the original series’ inception.
We don’t have too many details about the new "Star Trek" series CBS is going to get working on, but I spent some time filling you in on "Federation" because it seems like the same people who made that pitch could be involved. Bryan Singer's name has been mentioned for the new CBS Trek as a possible Executive Producer through his Bad Hat Harry productions. While "Star Trek: Reboot the Universe" was invalidated by 2008's movie Trek, "Star Trek: Federation" still has a trio of enthusiastic producers, a script and a writer ready to go should CBS decide to give Singer the ahead to develop this new series.

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