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Canada's Spock Days Losing Money, Needs Help

Sponsorship dollars could drop even lower with convention now separated

Instead of having one big festival during the warmest part of Canada's year, the small town of Vulcan, Alberta, has decided to separate its Spock Days celebration, and the regular Star Trek convention that goes with it, now called Vul-Con.
But could that be the beginning of the end of a long tradition in the small town south of Calgary?
Sherri Papke, the Spock Days chairwoman, told the Vulcan Advocate that in past years, the event has picked up sponsorships of $20,000 or more. However, that dropped to $14,000 in 2013, and $8,000 last year.
"We need to cut back, or get more sponsorship," she said.
One way the festival could find success again is if local businesses organize events and attach their names to them, Papke said. Businesses also could help sponsor other events, like the parade, the family fair and fireworks, since those activities don't necessarily bring in a lot of money for the community.
Papke admits that Spock Days is not a huge tourism driver in of itself, serving more as a homecoming for past residents than anything else. In fact, with the convention now a separate event, Papke said she expects Spock Days to be more focused on the community.
The town, with fewer than 2,000 people, has carried the name Vulcan for more than a century, but in the 1980s decided to capitalize on its name and associate itself with Star Trek. It has been a popular stop for Trek actors and other alums, including the original Vulcan, the late Leonard Nimoy, who even pushed Paramount Pictures to help the townspeople find a way to celebrate the premiere of 2009's "Star Trek."
Spock Days is set to run June 12-14, while Vul-Con is planned for July 25-26.
Source: Vulcan Advocate

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