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Official STAR TREK Convention 2015

William Shatner Delta Shield Ice Sculpture Cheerleaders The Kiss The Kiss The Kiss
What can we say? The 2014 gathering was one in which our mandate was to “up our game” as we head into the incredible 50th Anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. And what a smash hit it turned out to be with fellow Trekkers from around the galaxy joined by well over 100 Star Trek celebrities, all on hand to honor a positive inclusive future for mankind. As you first stepped into the beautiful Rio Suites Convention Center it was immediately obvious that there was so much more new stuff to experience than at any other past Star Trek Convention and more importantly, you were surrounded by thousands of instant friends, joined together by the love of this amazingly enduring franchise. We were proud to welcome thousands of “newbies” to the convention as well as many new guest celebrities including the hilarious Simon Pegg, best known as the new “Scotty” of Star Trek feature film fame.
 Who knows what the 2015 convention will bring, but we can promise even more elaborate props and sets for photo taking, museum quality Star Trek items, MORE space than we’ve ever had before, gloriously technological advances in our main theatre, fandom’s most elaborate evening parties, lots of freebies featured in an even more upgraded “Promenade”, the famous free karaoke nights, a more upscale Quark’s bar, and of course the surprises and other elements that separate this particular convention from all others. At this very early time we just wanted to make sure folks had the dates to reserve and of course we wanted to share some of our favorite photos of the weekend. If you have a great photo you love that you took at the show please send it onto asponsor@creationent.com so we can possibly include it. THANKS to everyone, including our friends at CBS Licensing, the home of Star Trek for inspiring us to provide the absolute very best vacation to Trekkers in attendance.

 Heres’s some moments with a few of our all time favorites from TNG at the Star Trek Las Vegas Con 2014.

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