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Is This Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Logo? (Yep!)

MARCH 16: We've been able to confirm that this is, in fact, Trek's official anniversary logo for the 2016 programming year.
Click below for a larger look, along with a better view of the new Star Trek wordmark, textured to match the saucer section of the original Enterprise!
ORIGINAL POST (March 7, 2015):
We're only nine months away from Star Trek's golden anniversary year, and it's time to start thinking about how CBS and Paramount will be branding the franchise's landmark 50th birthday.
CBS and Paramount have had a history of creating specialized logos for major anniversaries in years past, but we've not seen anything for next year's events -- but a social media post this week may have let the cat out of the bag.
The newly-announced Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage concert series planned for next year released this image on Twitter on March 5th, revealing for the first time a golden Trek logo for the franchise's 50th anniversary.
TrekCore reader Avery Draper tipped us off to this image, and also reported that this logo appeared on several graphics on the Ultimate Voyage website, but have since been cropped out from the remaining site images -- except for this Twitter post (or this tiny version on the Ultimate Voyage Facebook page).
We don't know for sure if this is the true 50th Anniversary logo, but it's unlikely that a graphic of this nature would be released without corporate approval -- especially since, as of this posting, the publicly-accessible press releases from the tour website still seem to have branding revision notes still visible on the downloadable documents.
Check out the last forty years of Trek anniversary logos below, and let us know in the comments how this Trek 50 design stacks up!
tos10-lincolnStar Trek 10th Anniversary · Lincoln Enterprises, 1976
tos20Star Trek Twenty Years · Paramount, 1986
trek20-pocketStar Trek 20 Years · Paramount / Pocket Books, 1986
trek25-91Star Trek 25th Anniversary · Paramount, 1991
trek25Star Trek 25 · Paramount Television, 1991
trek30Star Trek 30 Years · Paramount, 1996
tng10Star Trek: The Next Generation 10th Anniversary · Paramount, 1997
trek40Star Trek 40 · CBS, 2006
tng20Star Trek: The Next Generation 20th Anniversary & TNG 20 · CBS, 2007
tng20-coinTNG 20 · CBS / Creation Entertainment, 2007
tng25Star Trek TNG 25 · CBS, 2012
ds9-20-cbsStar Trek DS9 20 · CBS, 2013
ds9-20Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 20 · CzechTREK Convention, 2013

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