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Trek Comics Review: New Visions #5

Our Trek Comics editor Patrick Hayes returns with a review of this month's issue of New Visions, IDW Publishing's Star Trek photobook comic series.

The crew of the Enterprise, under Captain Pike, looks at the crew under the command of Captain Kirk. All look surprised to see each other. Between them is a massive pale lime colored ship that dwarfs the approaching Enterprise.
I always thrill to the adventures that deal with Pike's tenure on the flagship of the Federation, so I'm completely enamored with this cover and am excited to see what John Byrne has in store.  Grade: A+.
There are two tales in this issue, starting with "A Scent of Ghosts" -- a massive 38-page story previewed in the previous issue.
Flashing back to sometime between episodes "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before," Spock bids good-bye to Pike and Number One as they leave the Enterprise for the last time. In the present, Kirk and McCoy join Spock and Scotty for the beaming up of their guest, Number One, who's been promoted to commodore in the passing time.
Pleasantries are exchanged with Scotty, revealing his having served with her, though only for six months. She's to assume command of the Yorktown, and the Enterprise is to take her to her ship. McCoy has some outstanding lines during a tour of her former vessel, and his quoting of a famous American is a fantastic bit of characterization for him. Naturally there's trouble aboard the Yorktown, but I doubt anyone could predict what Kirk and his away team would find.
Intercutting the present crew's obstacles is an adventure with Pike and his crew that is related to Kirk's troubles. Pike and his people come upon something that's pretty massive and I was overjoyed to see him boldly going on Page 19. What they discover is really cool.
Without spoiling anything, what the Enterprise goes though in this crisis is as true to classic Star Trek action as anything can get, and the reveal on Page 27 is fantastic.  Grade: A+.
The five page short "Memorium" is a doubly effective tale for its intended purpose and its unintended timeliness. It serves both characters equally well and had me getting weepy for both individuals.  Grade: A+.
The combination of classic characters in new surroundings on new adventures continues to make this series a knock-out hit. The scenes with Pike and his crew are gorgeous. I love that Spock's eyebrows retained their high arches from the original pilot.
Watching Pike in action is a treat and his movement on 21 was just awesome. The setting that he and his team are in is spectacular in size, with Page 14 having a terrific perspective panel that reminded me of a classic scene from Forbidden Planet. I was ecstatic at Page 27's reveal. It's completely new and showcases how John Byrne continues to be a master of design for this type of element in stories.
The classic crew also looks magnificent, with updated Number One looking fantastic. A gray streak has never looked better, and inspires me to read my collection of Star Trek: Crew, written and drawn by John Byrne. McCoy and Scotty get quite a bit of screen time, and it's impossible not to smile when either of these officers are grinning. George Takei emotes perfectly on Page 32.
Also looking great is the final five page story. Just seeing that iconic rock formation in the first panel on Page 38 and the lead character's hair in the second panel told me this was going to be a visual heartbreaker, and it is.  Grade: A+.
Bottom line:
Star Trek: New Visions #5 is a sensational story involving both crews of classic Trek and a poignant remembrance in five pages that will send a shiver down any reader's spine, and earns my highest possible recommendation.  Grade: A+.
- Reviewed by Comics Editor Patrick Hayes

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