lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz ... Mr. Spock?

Oregon lawmaker claims Vulcan native as part of the GOP

If Spock were to get involved in Terran politics, specifically in the United States, would he be a Democrat or a Republican?
Those who go by the late Leonard Nimoy might say Democrat, since the actor was a staunch member of the party. But one lawmaker in Oregon says Spock is actually someone who would've enjoyed the Grand Old Party.
State Rep. Bill Post told members of the Oregon legislature Friday that "today, the greatest Republican in the history of the galaxy — he was a legal alien who believed in prosperity — passed away."
Post then speaks of Nimoy by name, and then attempts to say some words in Vulcan.
The entire speech lasted less than 30 seconds, but is he accurate? Wendy Gittleson, a writer for Addicting Info, says no. In fact, she adds for Post to think that is completely illogical.
"Star Trek is pro-science and about a big government in search of a utopian society," Gittleson wrote. "Its themes were equality (although the original 'Star Trek' was sexist), and peace. There was no money on the Starship Enterprise. There were no rich or poor. All basic needs were provided for, including health care."
Even more, Spock always had a strong belief in how "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
It seemed that Post was trying to be cute in terms of making mention about the passing of Nimoy, and is most likely a Trek fan. But if he really believes that Spock (or Nimoy) were Republican, he might have to guess again.
Source: Addicting Info

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