miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Shatner’s Trek Fiftieth Anniversary Idea

Next year, Star Trek turns fifty, and William Shatner has an idea about how to commemorate it.
Shatner shared his thoughts with the audience at 2015 Fan Expo in Vancouver last weekend.
“I started thinking about a fiftieth anniversary celebration,” he said. “I went to the SyFy network, which hasn’t given me their final answer, but I broached the idea that the fiftieth anniversary show would be about the ideas that Star Trek dramatized.
Some of the topics could be based on shows that aired in the original series: “Race relations [as in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield]…do an eight minute capsule of race relations in this country,” said Shatner, “the effect that those shows had on the public, people who were affected by seeing those shows, in terms of their opinion about race.”
“Computer warfare, where the country never knew the slaughter and the blood and the guts of war, but war by computers…they never knew the horror of war (A Taste of Armageddon).
“Each one of those ideas for an hour and a half show…would be a good idea,” said Shatner.

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